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Night Bus is a thrilling public transit simulator that costs less than a bus ticket! Pick up passengers, take their fares, and drop them off at their desired stops in this hyper-realistic representation of 1999 New Zealand. Enjoy the beautiful countryside, cute sheep, and charming New Zealand architecture, and please ignore That Which Has No Eyes.



Key Features


  • Pick up passengers, take their fares, and drop them off at their desired stops.
  • Make decisions that impact how the story unfolds, like missing stops on purpose!
  • Countless (7) interactable objects to make use of in your bus!
  • Hyper-realistic representation of 1999 New Zealand.
  • Use a bleeding-edge CCTV bus monitoring system to keep an eye on your passengers.


Release date Mar 18, 2024
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
AuthorLiquid Static Studio
Made withUnreal Engine
TagsDriving, First-Person, Horror, PSX (PlayStation), Thriller
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksHomepage, Twitter, TikTok, Steam


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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Love This Game so Much! Hope You Enjoy My Video

PS : Its in Indonesian cause im Indonesian 

I LOVED the game! So fun to play! Hope you enjoy the gameplay (BR)

Esse game foi muito divertido

This game was awesome!! I had a great time playing this. It was scary but also a little funny. That one guy who refused to get on the bus? lol! I streamed it on youtube. Started the game at 28:26. 

I made sure to get every ending and hopefully every trophy. CAN'T WAIT FOR YOUR NEXT GAME!! kEEP UP THE GREAT WORK.

This was a really fun take on what the role of a bus driver could be! Overall, I had a lot of fun with this one and loved all the different endings! Great job Liquid Static Studios! 👏

if you’d like to see my play-through, please check out the video below 👇 

Great game! Lots of fun getting all the endings and getting to experience the joys of driving a bus at night!

This was a really fun game! I enjoyed the overall gameplay and story. Good job man! I made a video if you're interested

Great little horror game; managed to get all the achievements!

great game! Never thought driving a bus could be this terrifying. YouTube video below

Fire game

i didn’t survive. 







Really great visuals and feel to the game and the bus itself was incredibly well designed and driving felt fun and easy, so much so that I almost forgot for the first 5-10 minutes that it was going to scare me, really enjoyed the random events and trying for different endings. Great little horror piece!

Had fun with this game, had a few good scares and a bit of humour as well, also was fun finding all the endings.  

The concept in good, creepy atmosphere is also good, but sadly this game too short and no storyline, will be much better if storyline added

im on vr and it wont let me play

muito bom!

I thoroughly enjoyed Night Bus. In my playthrough, I managed to get 4 out of the possible 5 endings - didn't realise that the fuel gauge was actually the sanity meter!

Acerola should definitely show up in future games - that cat's got a bright future ahead! Really enjoyed the role of the bus driver, and the gadgets and gizmos that the bus offered. There's a certain hypnotic satisfaction with picking up passengers and letting them off at the right stops... 

Some notes: 

For me personally, the scares were a little diluted. Could have created more lore with the passengers giving the driver some exposition about the cursed bus/route or the ONE THAT CANNOT BE NAMED. Overall though, a fun game with some interesting ideas.

dope game made for a funny video.. would like 2 see more from u in the future.

Amazing Game! Good amount of scares and an interesting idea, got me pretty scared, Acerola was the best part of the game hands down

Good game

Very stupid! Why is NightBus V1.2 on steam and V0.2 here? And V1.2 has 5 endings and 0.2 only has 4 endings, which doesn't make sense! And I paid $4.99 here, compared to $3.03 on STEAM! Noooo! Noooo! Noooo!

Apologies, we had a problem with the build its getting updated today

Really loved this! Felt truly like a bus simulator with horror elements! Loved the different endings as well!

I am very excited to try this game out!


and no I am not a bot. I really like bus games and horror games.